GPS has developed an Inventory Analysis Calculator that will immediately focus your employees and save you a lot of time. The Calculator is based on the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) which still applies today, even with all of the sophisticated systems and formulas that are now available. It will divide your total inventory into 20% increments to help you see the impact each group has on your total operation.

Inventory Analysis Chart

The top 40% of inventory accounts for almost 95% of sales! Yet, the bottom 60% of inventory accounts for ONLY 5.5% of sales! With inventory carrying costs averaging 25% per year, it costs a lot to carry this bottom 60% of inventory – just to get 5.5% sales

Click here. to try our Inventory Analysis Calculator with your own inventory values. Enter your information into the shaded areas as requested. It is completely secure and confidential - nobody sees it but you.
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